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Character Info

Name: Ainchase Ishmael
Canon: Elsword
Age: Appears to be 21, actual age is 500+
Appearance: His "human" form, which is how he normally appears. When he unlocks his full power he looks more angelic, and his true form is a glowing ball of light.
Canon Point: Arme Thaumaturgy path; the end of Ep.24, before entering Solace's Fortress

Background: This is gonna be a bunch of links, but only because there's no one singular "story" page for this game's wiki (that would make too much sense). This is all super light reading I swear.
World Info
Story Summary (the tabs at the top are in chronological order left->right, it also includes the full quest dialogue for each chapter but you can just scroll over that and read the summaries)
Ain, Lofty: Executor, Arme Thaumaturgy (for Ain's background/role in the story + the choices he made in this specific path)
Ain's Prologue (contains a brief transcript of his tutorial/introduction, which is basically a more detailed version of his pitifully tiny background paragraph from the previous link)

On a first impression, Ain is a very quiet young man with a pleasant, calm demeanour. He always tries his hardest to maintain a positive attitude, supporting his team and treating everyone he meets with kindness. He has the patience of a saint and rarely loses his cool. He tends to slip into the background most of the time and prefers not to be the centre of attention, only stepping in when he feels his guidance is needed.

All of this is probably about 50% bullshit. Ain is an angel (not that his "teammates" would know), and an incredibly arrogant one at that. He puts on an air of kindness and understanding, but in the back of his mind he's constantly bemoaning the inadequacy of the humans around him. Rather than thinking of himself as a contributing member of his travelling party, he thinks of himself more as a babysitter stuck with the annoying task of making sure everyone stays on track. He follows and tolerates them only out of duty, and goes along with their sluggish pace littered with sidequests only because they have to save the world, not him.

Or, rather, because Elsword has to save the world. In fact, Elsword is the only member of the group that Ain likes, for he is the "chosen one" who not only has the power to restore the El, but whose energy personally guided Ain out of his prison in Henir's space. Elsword isn't aware of any of this, of course, but Ain is always much kinder to him and far more willing to listen to his requests. He might be irritated when they have to stop and help some random, unimportant village from danger that doesn't concern them, or if he's being asked to do something trivial like take a small helpless child home so he doesn't die in a fiery airship crash, but if it's Elsword making the request then he'll rarely put up a fuss. He's very protective of Elsword and finds his genuine kindness and care for others fascinating, if a bit tedious. He's constantly looking out for the boy, praising his accomplishments and gently scolding his recklessness, worrying about his health and emotional state... when he's intervening, he rarely leaves Elsword's side.

The same can't be said for everyone else. In fact, he doesn't even care to remember their names, instead calling them Mr/Ms (insert first word that comes to mind here). Though he tries his best to remain outwardly pleasant, he sometimes can't help but make a passive-aggressive jab at the people around him when they start to get on his nerves. He'll always laugh it off and call it a "joke", but it becomes pretty obvious after awhile that he just thinks everyone is too stupid to figure out he's insulting them. He will, of course, attempt to be a bit more polite if Elsword asks him to, but any genuine apologies for his actions are scarcely heard.

Sometimes he doesn't actually intend to insult people, though. Ain is an angel, and thus is not quite so experienced in socializing as a human or what sort of things might be considered "rude". For example, he insists on calling Raven "Mr. Half-Nasod" (Raven being somewhat touchy about this since he was brainwashed and experimented on in the process of becoming a half-Nasod maybe not a good thing to bring up all the time), and became genuinely confused when another member of the team brought up that he should probably come up with a different nickname ("Well, technically I never said anything wrong. Half human and half Nasod."). He finds a lot of emotional responses very confusing and sometimes states things plainly without realizing he's being impolite. When this type of confusion happens, he'll of course blame the other party for misunderstanding him. But it's okay, because he'll forgive them for their silly mistake.

Aside from human matters, Ain has very strong feelings regarding the Goddess and her adversaries. He is passionately and blindly devoted to Ishmael, believing that he must follow her will and fulfil his mission at any cost. Enemies of the Goddess—demons, corrupt humans, and Henir, the opposing Goddess of Darkness and Chaos—are seen as utterly disgusting and abhorrent. These are the things that make him truly furious, breaking through his normally cool demeanour at just the sight of them. He goes so mad with anger towards demons at one point that he nearly eradicates his own existence, draining himself of his divine power to kill as many of them as possible without any thought towards his own preservation. He finds it very difficult to control himself around such things, though he's learned with time to reign himself in at least a little better.

Despite his inhuman nature, however, Ain has most certainly been affected by his time spent with humans. It's been three years since he first started following Elsword and his party, and though he finds their emotions and selflessness inconvenient at times, he's also come to appreciate the strong bonds they share with each other and how they care and support each other. From the moment he was created, Ain knew he was meant only to guide the humans and eventually vanish from their lives, never to be remembered by any of them. Having spent so much time as a part of their group, treated with the same support and kindness as they would show each other, Ain has started to worry about his future—what will happen when he completes his mission and disappears? Despite his best efforts he's grown attached to his teammates, even the ones who aren't Elsword. He worries not only about their safety beyond the end of his mission, but his own existence which is fated to end. He is still dedicated to completing his mission at any cost, but he can't help but feel lonely and afraid at the idea of disappearing, forever, without a single person left in the world to remember him.

His answer to this growing fear has been to draw out more and more of his divine power, slowly dulling his emotions to make his anxiety more bearable. He sees himself as an agent of the Goddess—a tool to be used and eventually disposed of once his purpose has been fulfilled. But he refuses to think less of her for it, and blames himself for getting so close to the mortals he was only intended to guide. He was never part of their world, and it was foolish of him to convince himself otherwise, even for a moment. Still, try as he might to distance himself and deny his emotions, he can't help but yearn for their companionship...

Ain is a celestial, a divine agent of the goddess Ishmael. His true form is a mass of light, though he's been given a human body to help him achieve his mission in Elrios. This body also disguises his true nature—even very magic-sensitive individuals or other supernatural beings perceive him as a human, albeit an unusual one if they're perceptive enough. He doesn't need to sleep or eat, though he can if he really wants to (and he has a functional sense of taste even if it's all still kind of weird to him), and he does need to breathe as long as he's maintaining a physical form. He can work through and ignore injuries better than a normal human would, though they still impede him and take time/energy to recover from.

The key to Ain's power is in a pendulum that he always carries on him. The pendulum acts as a limiter on his powers, as well as a medium that allows him to maintain his physical form and interact with the world at large. There are several ways he can use the pendulum.

Divine Intervention is the pendulum's primary purpose and ability. Ain does not truly "exist" in the material realm. He is simply an observer, unable to interact with anything or be perceived by anyone. There are certain things he can still do in this state (mainly eavesdropping or channelling his divine power to interfere with other magical/spiritual matters), but mostly he uses it to conserve and recover his energy for future interventions. When Ain uses the pendulum to begin intervention, he becomes a physical entity that can interact with the world, and he also gains the ability to use his divine powers for offensive magic.

Normally, ending the intervention state would also temporarily wipe the memories of everyone he's interacted with until the intervention starts up again. However, because this is both godmode-y and would be stupidly difficult to manage, the most it can do is wipe or blur the moment of Ain's actual disappearance, making it difficult for people to focus on him when he's moving in or out of intervention.

The pendulum limits Ain's divine powers, and those limits are especially strict when he's intervening. However, he can reduce or remove those limits by shattering the crystal on his pendulum. When the pendulum is broken, he gains the ability to use projection magic.

Projection magic can be used in two forms. Creation magic allows him to summon blades, spears, and other magical shapes created from pure divine energy. This is his favoured method of attack, and over the years he's become incredibly adept at controlling his creations, ranging from flying daggers to enourmous beam-shooting broadswords to raining down all sorts of blades and spears from above. These weapons are razor-sharp and often leave deep wounds. His specialization in creation magic has also taught him how to silence magic abilities for a brief period of time and bind his enemies to one spot with a holy shackle. For more supportive abilities, he can project a field over a small area to strengthen the effectiveness of his projections for a limited time and infuse himself and his allies with energy to enter an autosuggestive state (which doesn't really do anything significant, hilariously enough, so it lives up to its name of being a placebo). Other minor abilities include projecting a platform below himself to glide or "hop" through the air, teleporting short distances, and creating afterimages of himself to mirror his attacks.

The other form of magic is cycle magic, which draws upon the natural energies of the world instead of the power of the goddess. He can fire bullets of energy using cycle magic, as well as infuse those bullets with elemental properties (fire, water and wind). He can cast a barrier around himself or unleash a freezing wave of energy. However, he's not very skilled with this type of magic, so that's about the limit of what he can do with it.

Regardless of his magical preference, he can further remove the pendulum's limits to unlock more and more of his divine power. Shattering it only destroys the crystal at its center, which gradually recovers over time. Breaking it down further removes the layers of Ain's human disguise to reveal his true nature as a celestial. He can remove up to three layers of this before reaching his maximum strength, adorning himself with a glowing halo and eight pure white wings. His body becomes completely weightless and glows with a supernatural light, and his clothing will also transform into his robes regardless of what he may or may not be wearing at the time. He can remain in this state for as long as he likes, though continuing to use his powers in this state will drain his energy more rapidly.

But breaking the pendulum comes at a cost, and unleashing his full potential is an action reserved only for the most dire of situations. For one, he cannot begin or end intervention while the pendulum is broken, and the more layers of restriction he removes the longer it takes for the pendulum to recover. It can take hours or even days for the pendulum to regain its strength if he abuses it too much, and it could take even longer after that for him to recover his own energy. Secondly, removing the layers from his disguise has the obvious problem of... removing the layers of his disguise. He is forbidden from revealing his true nature to mortals, and Ain takes his duties extremely seriously. He'd only shed his disguise if it's absolutely necessary, and only if he can ensure that no one will learn the truth about him. Thus, he only tends to use it when he's alone or outside of intervention.

The third and most serious drawback of breaking the pendulum is that it puts him at risk of losing his body. The pendulum's power helps him maintain his physical form, and it also limits his ability to use his magic excessively. If he ignores those limits and uses too much power, his body starts to lose its form and disappear. If his body is allowed to dissipate completely, he wouldn't be able to recover it and would be stuck as a tiny spec of light again, unable to interact with the world or use his divine powers. This would, essentially, be his "death". He has come close to disappearing in the past, and he's been able to recover from this state by being close to Elsword, who has a strange affinity for the goddess' power. He can also recover his pendulum more quickly while close to Elsword. However, it's unclear what sort of power he actually has or how it relates to Ain, so he'll just try not to have any near-death experiences for now.

While the pendulum limits his abilities as a celestial, there are some things he can still do with those limits in place by channelling a small amount of magic through the intact pendulum. He can freely summon or "store" the pendulum away while it's on his person, create simple non-hazardous projections, float a little off the ground, telekinetically lift or move the pendulum around (he does not appear to be able to do this with other objects), and sense the existence of supernatural abilities/entities through their auras. He can also purify corrupt El energy or read the "memories" of powerful sources of El to see past events, though it's difficult to say how this would translate to other types of energy. For now I'll just say his divine purification is up to player/mod discretion, and he probably can't see into the past through anything that isn't an actual part of the El Stone (and thus unlikely to ever come up).

Inventory: Aside from the clothes on his back, Ain's only possession is his pendulum. This is technically considered his "weapon", but since it's not at all weapon-like and he kind of needs it to do things like exist and maintain his appearance, he should probably hang onto that.